On Street Talk: Listening as a Prelude to Writing

Several decades ago, for a brief time, I socialized with a crowd that included Sam Shepard—the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, author, screenwriter, and actor—who played on the same polo team as my then husband. Occasionally, as I recall, Shepard would … Read More

On Writing As An Adventure: How My Analyst Helped Me Through My Writer’s Block

I was well into my second decade of analysis when I hit a wall in my freelance writing career. It was early 2000, and, gathering my courage, I’d submitted a query to GEORGE magazine—with its marriage of politics and celebrity, … Read More

On Synchronicity and Writing
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I was raised by a mother who was fond of advising me, when out shopping, that if a particular something—say a blouse, or once it was a mirror at a flea market—“spoke to me” then I should buy it. Worlds … Read More

Guardian of the Well

Years ago, when I was struggling through a dry patch of writer’s fatigue after completing a particularly demanding feature story, my wise Jungian analyst remarked that “sometimes you have to take time to let the well fill up.” Like stones dropped … Read More