Pythia is available to lecture or present workshops at conferences on the wide range of topics drawn from her two books:

  • Hospice and the End of Life Journey – How Hospice Saved my Father’s Soul
  • Helping a Parent to Die – How Do You Help an Alcoholic to Die?
  • How the American Psyche and Its Myths Shape Us as Individuals
  • Alcoholism and Addiction – The Spiritual Root of Addiction
  • The Psychology of Immigration – America by Way of Argentina: My Mother’s Immigration Story
  • The American Father/Fatherhood
  • The Significance of the Father-Daughter Relationship in a Woman’s Development – Is a Woman’s Father the Key to her Power?

Writing Consultant

As an author and journalist, I’ve learned valuable lessons on the writer’s path that have proven helpful to others.  Among other things, I can help writers:

  • Identify a connecting “golden thread” that runs through their work, and that helps to guide their writing process.
  • Work with their imagination, dreams, and fantasies as a source of nourishing inspiration.
  • Find spiritual practices and habits that can help aid concentration.
  • Formulate and hone in on an idea, shape an article query or book proposal, and help counsel writers through the arduous – and often humbling – submission process.
  • Provide editorial guidance on projects that are underway or completed.